Cavern of Soloth Expansion

Cavern of Soloth Expansion

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The exciting expansion to Catacombs 3E features more heroes, monsters, rooms, Catacombs Lords, items, the Stone Antient and the Altar of Soloth special room card.

This expansion also features the flame obstacles that provide an extra challenge when used in place of the standard obstacles included with the Catacombs 3E base game.

The six heroes are:

  • The Paladin
  • The Sorceress
  • The Ice Princess
  • The Dwarf Miner
  • The Centaur Warrior
  • The Witch Hunter (a fan favourite!)

The four new challenging Catacombs Lords are:

  • The Queen of the Underworld
  • The Hydra
  • The Shape Shifter
  • The Orc Warchief

The expansion includes 110 cards, stickers and more wooden discs.


Third Edition, Second Printing

Recipient of the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence. 

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