Catacombs Third Edition – Wood Pieces Only

Catacombs Third Edition – Wood Pieces Only

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This is the full set of wood pieces from the latest printing of Catacombs Third Edition.

The Obstacle Cylinders are not included, but can be ordered separately here.

This set includes the following pieces:

Small Pieces

  • 1x Small Orange Piece
  • 8x Small White Pieces

Large Pieces

  • 2x Large Black Pieces
  • 5x Large Blue Pieces
  • 3x Large Gray Piece
  • 3x Large Green Pieces
  • 4x Large Orange Pieces
  • 1x Large Brown Piece
  • 3x Large Purple Pieces

Extra Small Pieces

  • 10x Extra Small Brown Pieces

Other Pieces

  • 1x Green Cube Piece (Gelatinous Cube)

Medium Pieces

  • 4x Medium Blue Pieces
  • 6x Medium Green Pieces
  • 10x Medium Gray Pieces
  • 8x Medium Orange Pieces
  • 6x Medium White Pieces
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Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 1 in