Catacombs Sticker Upgrade Pack

Catacombs Sticker Upgrade Pack

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This is a set of sticker sheets for various titles related to Catacombs 3E and was offered during the Catacombs 3E (with playmats) Kickstarter campaign.

It serves as a cosmetic upgrade for those customers who want their existing games to match the stickers found in the latest printings.

Stickers for the following titles:

  • Catacombs 3E second printing
  • Cavern of Soloth second printing
  • Wyverns of Wylemuir first printing
  • Resurrection Pack 1 second printing
  • Resurrection Pack 2 second printing

The stickers in previous printings had a white background regardless of the underlying disc colour. The latest stickers found in the third printing of Catacombs 3E have a coloured background that match the disc colour.

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