Catacombs Resurrection KS PLAYMAT Bundle

Catacombs Resurrection KS PLAYMAT Bundle

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Catacombs Third Edition KS Exclusive Content

Important note: requires Catacombs KS Playmat BASE Version to use this content.

Important note: if you own the Catacombs KS Playmat PLUS Version, you don’t need this product as it is already included!

Important note: As of December 2019, the background colours of the stickers included with this content will match those found in the playmat version of Catacombs 3E.

This bundle includes:

  • Resurrection Pack 1 (female heroes and zombies)
  • Resurrection Pack 2 (heroes and Catacomb Lords including the Vampire Noble and Behemoth)
  • Resurrection Pack 3 (ice cavern / quartz grotto game board for Catacombs Third Edition)

Resurrection Pack 1

Features the all female team of heroes:

  • The Fire Mage
  • The Amazon
  • The Forest Sprite
  • The Huntress

Plus discs for the Huntress’ Wolf Companion and the Flame Antient that the Fire Mage can summon.

Additional Spell and Ability cards are included for these heroes.

Also includes the Zombie monsters for use in Catacombs 3E:

  • Zombie Prisoner (level 1 – 5 medium sized discs)
  • Tomb Zombie (level 2 – 2 medium sized discs)
  • Zombie Faerie (level 2 – 2 extra small discs)
  • Zombie Ratman (level 1 – 4 extra small discs)
  • Zombie Necromancer (level 4 – 1 large disc)
  • Zombie Knight (level 3 – 2 large discs)
  • Claw Zombie (level 3 – 2 medium discs)

Resurrection Pack 2

Features a new team of heroes:

  • The Raven Empress
  • The Ice Mage
  • The Vampire Noble

Plus a Spell card, Antient card and disc for the Stone Antient that the Raven Empress can summon.

The set includes four new items:

  • the powerful Vampire Sword
  • fan favourite Vermin Blade
  • Semplara’s Amulet
  • the Raven Empress’ Ravenleaf Sword

Also includes the four new Catacombs Lords for use in Catacombs 3E and Catacombs & Castles:

  • The Behemoth (as seen on Shut Up & Sit Down!)
  • The Ice Dragon
  • The Enchantress
  • The Vampire Lord (Soloth himself!)

Resurrection Pack 3

This is the exclusive double-sided neoprene playmat version of the Resurrection Pack 3 game board.

Playmat dimensions in inches: 26.7″ x 12.6″
Playmat dimensions in metric: 68 cm x 32 cm

Language independent – ships rolled.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 2.5 in